The Benefits of Chat GPT

The Benefits of Chat GPT

Wesley Pascoe, Staff Writer


Chat GPT is an AI language mode that can offer several benefits to students such as providing personalized learning experiences to students by tailoring its responses to their individual needs, interests, and learning styles, it can immediately help students when they need it, and can help to increase their confidence in their ability to learn and can also reduce their anxiety and stress levels. Many teachers and school administrators believe that Chat GPt should be banned from schools because it allows students to cheat and copy their writing assessments from an AI. 

First of all, Chat GPT allows students to learn personal learning experiences such as how to correct grammar and punctuation. If a student isn’t properly correcting or writing their article, ChatGPT allows them to learn how to fix it so their articles can be better. ChatGPT can also help teachers with planning assignments and lessons. One way Chat GPt has been able to help students in classes is by allowing students to create outlines for their essays which helps them compare and contrast stories to better understand them. This explains that when students use ChatGPT, it helps them with their article outlines, and helps them learn how to correct and write their articles.

The second benefit of using ChatGPT in schools is its ability to answer questions and provide explanations in real time. Chat GPT gives personal information to each student about what they need to improve on. Students can simply type their questions into the chatbot, and ChatGPT will respond with a clear and actual answer, eliminating the need for students to sit through pages of textbooks or search the internet for information. This allows students to not have to revise and edit their articles because ChatGPT does it for them. 

Many teachers and administrators may think that ChatGPT allows students to cheat on their writing pieces but actually ChatGPT allows them to correct and get help on their articles. ChatGPT has personally helped me in English class when I was confused or didn’t understand the lesson. Many colleges have banned ChatGPT because students have used it on their college applications and on their college work. Students have graduated only using chatGPT on all of their assignments. This can be changed by only allowing a specific type of ChatGPt that is personalized so that students receive the feedback they deserve, rather than using it to cheat on their assignments. 

In conclusion, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way students learn and interact with technology in schools. By providing personalized support, immediate feedback, and a more engaging learning experience, ChatGPT can help students develop their skills and improve their academic performance. However, it is important to use ChatGPT responsibly and to carefully monitor the quality of the information provided.