Julia Traverso- 7th Grader

Izzy Saxum

Julia Traverso is an amazing dancer that goes to our school, Rio Norte Junior High. She has been dancing for 8 years, and is on a competitive dance team with many of her friends. She is in 7th grade, and has so many talents. Dancing has really been impacted by the spread of Covid-19, since dancing is in an indoor studio. Since they have made the vaccines, dancing competitions have slowly been coming back for Julia and her team.

Q: What is your favorite thing about dancing?

A: “My favorite thing about dance is being able to be on stage and performing. I also love being with my teammates and teachers.”

Q: What style of dance is your favorite?

A: “My favorite style of dance is contemporary. I feel like i’ve always been passionate about it and it’s definitely my strength in dance.”

Q: Are you on a dance team? If so, do you go to competitions?

A: “Yes I’m on a dance team and I have about 6 competitions each year.”

Q: How long have you been dancing for?

A: “I have been dancing for 8 years.”

Q: Could you see yourself still dancing later in the future?

A: “I can see myself dancing in high school, but after that I want to pursue something else in the future.”

Q: What’s your favorite dance you have done?

A: “My favorite dance I have done is my newest one called, “love on the brain,” and it’s a large group dance with an amazing choreographer.”

Q: What’s your favorite memory of a time you were dancing or just at dance?

A: “My favorite memory at dance was when me and my teammates hung out outside of dance for the first time and we made imovies and now we all have so many inside jokes about it. That was the first time we had all bonded.”

Q: How has covid-19 impacted dancing?

A: “Covid 19 impacted dancing because it made us go on zoom for a full year and we didn’t have any competitions, so all the hard work we put into choreography and practice was for no one to see.”