Luca Mascaro- 8th Grader


Patrick Chiong

Luca Masaro is a 13 year old 8th grader with a hobby of planes. When he gets older he wants to become a pilot or a job that has to do with air transports working hard every day to reach his goal. For now he just sticks with exploring cockpits, and watching planes.

Q: What is your favorite airplane?

A: “I watched a documentary on the Airbus A380 sparked my interest in planes which is why it is my favorite”

The following is straight is from his notebook:

The average height of flight is 43,000 ft
The A380 gets a whooping 0.11 miles per gallon
Has 85,000 gallons of jet fuel
Max speed is 0.96 MACH
Empty weight is 610,200 lbs
Wingspan is 261 ft and 8 inches
Height is 80ft 3 inches
Max takeoff weight is 1,254,400
Max landing weight is 862,000
Fuselage height is 27ft 7 inches (80ft if you count tail)
Fuselage width is 23ft 5 inches
Takeoff run at max weight is 1.7 miles
Fuel consumption per passenger is 95 miles per gallon
(And there is way more this is just getting really long)

Q: When did you start liking planes?

A: 2009

Q: Why do you like planes?

A: “I like planes because the way they function is very intriguing in my perspective, and they just look very freaking cool.”

Q: What’s your favorite model airplane you own?

A: His favorite model airplane he owns is NG united her art here 757-200 because he’s conversed with the person who designed the plane, and he likes liveries in general

Q: How do you pursue this hobby?

A: He likes going to LAX every week to look at the planes taking off and landing, but due to Covid restrictions goes every other week, he also has 200 – 300 plane collection along with an airport.