Christopher Makhanian- 8th Grade


Andrew Kazaryants

Christopher Makhanian is a very talented hockey player that goes to Rio Norte. He is 14 and is in 8th grade. He plays with highschoolers and was on the state team for a little bit as well. His dream is to make the NHL and he fully believes he can. Chris does not give up and keeps on working hard so it will all pay off.

Q: What made you want to play hockey?

A: “What made me want to play hockey was the enthralling and competitive experience that you get when playing. When I began to play hockey at the age of 4, I was obscure about it. But as I got older, I got more interested in the sport by watching my cousin and uncle play which gave me the motivation to be better than them and make it to the NHL.”

Q: What is your goal in hockey?

A: “My goal in hockey is to be the very best in my division and league to impress the coaches and make it to the high school team. After that, I will push myself harder than I ever have to work extremely hard to make it to team UCLA and from there get drafted to the national hockey league.”

Q: How many days would you say you practice each week?

A: “I train about 4-6 times a week which accumulates up to 20-25 hours of ice time per week(not including games). I work on my agility, muscles, skating, and shooting each week and being good “enough” is never enough for me.”

Q: What role do u play on your team

A: “I’d say that I have a very important role on the team as well as being a core member of the team by being a top scorer on the ice and very enthusiastic on the bench or off the ice. I create motivation on the bench and allow everyone to be encouraged by my actions.”

Q: How did you end up playing for the team you play for today?

A: “When I used to play for the old flyers, I was always impressing the coaches and people watching. When the rink closed, me and two other kids on my team got an invitation to play for the state tournament team in mid November in Arizona. Once the flyers reestablished, they invited me to join the team back and I accepted the offer.”