Tom Brady Officially Retiring in 2023


Courtesy of The Sporting News

Jake Ferroli, Staff Writer

Tom Brady’s retirement shocked the American football nation. Diehard football fans were expecting Brady’s retirement as he is old for the average football player. He joined the NFL in 1995 and has been playing for a long time. Despite knowing it was bound to happen, his retirement still shocked the masses. Brady retired in 2022 but came back in 40 days. This time, he’s confirmed that he is retiring for good. Brady isn’t going to be disappearing from the sports industry as he is going to be a new football announcer. 

  I interviewed Wesley Pascoe and he responded with,  “He looks better than he plays, however, I think he will be a good announcer, but he’s honestly overrated, cowboys are on top. He had a great coach and I was tired of always seeing him winning and then getting all the credit.” I asked Tim, what are your thoughts on Tom Brady’s retirement. He responded with, “It’s about time.” At one point Tom Brady was the oldest player in the NFL.

Tom Brady played for the New England Patriots for 18 seasons, he won 17 division titles, 13 AFC Championship games, 9 Super Bowl appearances, and 6 Super Bowl wins. He holds the record for the most Super Bowls won by any quarterback. Tom Brady played in the NFL with the Patriots before leaving and crushing so many fans’ hearts, he moved to the Buccaneers and won a Championship with them. While most people were thinking his career was over, he proved them wrong by winning another Championship. He is considered to be one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time and will be missed.