The Balance of Video Games and School

Cole Goedike

Getting good grades in school and playing video games can be hard, like homework can be a lot. How long can you play video games for and still get homework done on average if you play 2-3 hours a day? If you can’t control yourself and can’t stop playing to do your homework, do it before you play. If you play video games 4-6 hours a day you would need to do your homework late at night or early in the morning to get it done. Playing video games can relieve stress and calm you down which can help with school work. But, you still need to do your school work and homework which can take a while and you don’t want to fail your classes.

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Playing video games is fun, but you have to balance it with school, family, friends, etc. You will still have time to play at night or early in the morning and balance everything. A+’s to B’s are good grades. If you get C’s or D’s, you should probably game less. If you’re playing 1-2 hours a day and getting all A+’s, you are most likely doing a good job of balancing your work and games. Playing video games can also make you mad when you lose if you have a short temper, which isn’t a good mindset to have while doing work.           

Video games also distract you from your school work with computers. When you work with computers, you can be tempted to play games on them instead of paying attention in class. This can get you in trouble with teachers and your parents. Doing this can also drop your grades and lead you to make friends with the wrong people. This can prevent you from getting into college or getting a good job.                                                                                                               

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When asking 7th grader Conner Hay about his opinion on the topic, he said he plays “. . . around 1-2 hours a day.” He also has A’s and B’s in all his classes and finishes his homework on time. 7th grader Zain Gonzalez stated, “I only play 30 minutes to 1 hour,” but he has all A’s in his classes and finishes his homework on time.

In conclusion, from looking at the facts, video games do not drop your grade that much – maybe an A to a B. Most of the time, your grades do not drop but playing can relive stress and relax you. This is how to balance your school and video game life.