Extinct & Endangered Species


Kailee Howard and Kaitlyn Berg

Extinct Animals

There are so many animals in our world today. Yet there were many more animals in our world before, sadly some species have gone extinct due to climate change and other human intact forces. The definition of extinct is a species that is no longer living on this earth . So here are some extinct animals.

One of the most common extinct animals are the Saber Tooth Tigers . The Saber tooth tiger went extinct at the time of the ice age about 10,000 years ago. The animal had sadly gone extinct due to the climate change of the ice age, therefore they could not survive the cold weather. As a result of the tigers having two sharp long teeth, the tigers claimed the name the Saber Tooth Tigers. The animals were able to run to about 30-40 miles per hour and had a life span to about 10-18 years. The diet of the saber tooth tiger contains animals like bison, camels, horses etc. Although these tigers are no longer on this earth today they left a great impact on the scientific community.


Another most common animal is the Dodo bird. The Dodo bird was considered extinct around the year 1662. Due to mostly habit loss and competition with newly exposed animals the Dodo bird had officially gone extinct. In 1598 a ship of Portuguese sailors landed on the island of Mauritius and discovered a  bird of unknown name so he decided to name the bird the Dodo bird.  The birds did not eat any other types of animals but they did eat fruit, nuts, bulbs, and roots. Before humankind discovered the Dodo Bird the birds had other predators to worry about. Even though the birds are no longer here today they still had an important impact on scientific discoveries today.


In another discussion most of the reasons why animals are going extinct is because of us humans not taking responsibility for our actions towards them. Therefore here are some ways to help save animals so we no longer have to suffer from any of them going into extinction.

Helping Animals

In my opinion, everyone should start doing their part to help animals. I think people really don’t realize how our society is affecting Earth. You could bring up the point that animals are killing us, but humans are actually the second on the list of deadliest animals right after mosquitos. Our own species kills 437,000 people per year. Animals are also a vital part of our life.  They give us a balanced ecosystem, clean air, healthy water, and fertile land to plant crops for food. Also around 200 to 2,000 species are becoming extinct every year. Which makes it possible that 30 to 50 percent of all species are going extinct by 2050. That’s why you need to start helping these endangered species.  Some ways you can help is:

-Reducing, reusing, and recycling

-Cleaning up our beaches

-Putting bird feeders out

-Putting decals on windows to avoid bird collisions, it happens more often than you think

-Don’t litter and pick up trash when you see it

-Organize or participate in a clean up campaign to help wildlife in your area

-Learn more about different animals and find out how you can help them

-Spread the word, tell others about helping animals

-Donate or volunteer for organizations that help endangered species

Some links you can check out for information about endangered species are,

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International Rhino Foundation

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I hope you consider checking out these lovely websites, and doing these many things to help animals. It’s really not that hard, and feels amazing after you’re done. Remember these are just some of the amazing websites you can find, so go explore the internet!  Images are from websites Amur Leopard-Waza, The urgent effort to save black rhinos from extinction(opinion)CNN, Borneo Elephant Wikipedia,and 3 volunteer trash cleanup organizations in Rhode Island-Rhode Island Monthly.  Some other opinions on the matter are