Kambili Ugochukwu- 7th grader


Sophia McCoy

Kambili is a 7th grade Riverhawk who loves to read but also does art! What makes her unique in this sort of category is that her dad got her into art, which started making her love art even more than her dad. She also takes advanced art with Mr. Bibicoff here at Rio!

We asked Kambili A few questions about her including What does she like about art the most? Her response was, “ What I like about art is that I get to express my feelings in art with the colors I get to choose from.” She goes further on to explain how she once drew a picture of a sunflower with amazing and colorful colors. Then she goes on to also tell me that she loves the art class at Rio Norte Junior High School because it gives her a chance to draw whatever she pleases and enjoys in the category of art.

We then asked Kambili about “ What is she so passionate about in her life rather than art?” Her response to this was, “ I’m passionate about many other things than art including dancing and acting.” I then go on to ask her why is she so passionate about these other things rather than art? She then states how, “ I’m passionate about dancing because it gives me another opportunity rather than focusing on art and worrying about what I’m gonna draw.” “ Art is something i love a lot but it can be stressful sometimes knowing that i could just stare at a blank canvas for hours not knowing what to draw or do.”

We then continued on with the questions asking her “What was the best thing about art?” She told us that, “ The best thing about art is sketching and/or doodling. It’s really fun and you get to just draw whatever/whenever you want.” She loves to draw more than her dad actually. She enjoys it so much that sometimes when she is too caught up in art she’ll forget about other things she has to do in her life. Which includes homework, chores and etc.

What do you look into the future for? We asked Kambili. Her response was, “ i look forward to becoming a doctor preferably a neurosurgeon or pediatrician.” She goes on to say that she likes art but it wouldn’t be a future career that she would pursue. She would like to help people out in the healthcare community and give back to the community. So she could help those in need.

The last question we asked her isWould you recommend art to anybody?” Her response was, “ I would definitely recommend art to someone who wants to try it. It’s a great hobby to have.” A quote she ended up telling me was that, “ If you love art so much do it! Don’t be afraid to show other people your skills/talents. They won’t be jealous of you but instead shocked. If you are scared if other people are gonna judge you don’t be! Art is a loving , fun , honest community! Give it a try!”