New Years Goals

Chelsea Sonnenberg, Staff Writer

Stepping into the new year of 2023, your goals can be easy, or more personal, as long as you work to achieve them. Goals can help with many things including growing mentally andphysically. As you create goals throughout your life they can trigger new good behaviors and help you stay focused to achieve more. While setting these goals and accomplishing them, our passion and self-esteem become higher. Author Alex Morritt says, “New year – a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is yours.”

Courtesy of Pan Macmilln

New year’s resolutions are a promise you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something in the new year. Over many years, people have been setting new year’s resolutions to qualify what they wish for themselves. These resolutions are a way to have a sense of control over what’s happening in our lives. For example, a resolution can be becoming organized or living life to its fullest. Even just doing something small that you enjoy like having a hot bath can help you to recharge and improve your mood.

Courtesy of House Beautiful

Some new goals you can start can be starting a new activity or achieving something important to you. These can be learning a new language or pursuing something you want to become better at. It’s a new year and a fresh start which gives each and everyone a chance to change. These new goals don’t have to be too hard, they can be easy like giving a compliment to someone each day or giving away clothes you don’t need to people who do.

If you are finding a way to relax more and become calmer a great thing to do starting this year is go on a walk outside. This can be every day or every week they can be morning or night walks. Walks give your mind a chance to slow down and be in the present time. Another thing that can help you be more relaxed and calm is meditation. Meditation can help build skills to manage your stress. Doing this can help you be calmer and more focused.