Movies Coming out 2023


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Lucy Blue

 Next year, many movie industries are releasing new movies , such as Netflix, Disney plus, Hbo Max, Hulu, Amazon prime, and Apple TV. These industries are coming out with new movies for 2023.

Movies that are coming out are M3gan, Blue beetle, Kraven Hunter, Knock at the cabin, Renfield, Meg 2, The color purple, The exorcist, and Madame web. According to Danielle Moody, she states that she wants to see the movie the color purple really badly when it comes out because she loves watching new movies. Hailey Woodruff  says she is most excited for the movie knock at the cabin because she loves horror movies.

The Color Purple

The Color Purple is an upcoming American musical coming-of-age period drama film directed by Blitz Bazawule and adapted for the screen by Marcus Gardley from the 2005 stage musical of the same name, which is in turn based on Alice Walker‘s 1982 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name. It is the second film adaptation of the novel, following Steven Spielberg‘s 1985 film adaptation. Spielberg and Quincy Jones return to produce this version, along with the stage musical’s producers Scott Sanders and Oprah Winfrey, the latter of whom also starred in the 1985 film as Sofia.


A look at the M3GAN behind-the-scenes crew and production team. The film’s director Gerard Johnstone last directed Sympathy For The Devil. It’s about a life-like doll programmed to be a child’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally.

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is one of the most exciting projects on the DCEU slate. It is the only fresh origin story in the slate that features a new character, thus expanding the franchise’s narrative beyond the Justice League

Kraven’s Release

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as we were so close to Kraven’s release and barely knew anything about the film itself. Before this news, there was no sign of a first trailer, which was odd given the film’s star-studded cast.

Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin is Shyamalan’s first film since 2016 not photographed by Mike Gioulakis. Nikki Amuka-Bird and Rupert Grint previously worked with Shyamalan. Amuka-Bird was in Old (2021) and Grint was in Servant (2019).