Marvel Phase 4

Cole Goedike

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Marvel is a big part of the superhero community because of their movies and it has been for over 12 years now since their first movie in 2008, “Iron Man”. Iron Man started Marvel’s change from comics to movies because Marvel was fully made up of comics until Iron Man. Most people believe that Iron Man was Marvel’s first projectbut Marvel’s first comic came out in October 1939. Phase 4 is the start of the multiverse saga that will go until phase 6. That’s right, Marvel writers have phase 6 planned, but phase 4 ended the infinity sega and we don’t know much about it yet. What we do want to know is if phase 4 is going to open the multiverse of marvel and take us deep into the wild universes of the multiverse.

Phase 4 will be the most interesting and elaborate phase so far. Phase 4 will be interesting because the multiverse has infinite possibilities and infinite universes. Marvel could do anything with the villain and the powers of the villain. But with the start of the multiverse saga, they release the main villain as Kang the Conqueror. Kang the Conqueror’s powers will include

  • Time Control
  • Genius-level intellect.
  • Skilled tactician and hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Resistance to radiation.
  • Access to advanced technology.
  • Highly advanced battle armor that grants: Enhanced strength. Energy, hologram, force-field projection, and a 30-day supply of air and food. Ability to control other forms of technology.

We have seen some of these powers before but Kang is still a much stronger villain than we have ever seen in the MCU. Kang’s main power is time control, which the Avengers have dealt with before with Thanos and the time stone but Kang has a lot more advanced time control abilities and his other powers.

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Phase 4 will break the 4th wall to the multiverse. Which can cause some problems as Iron Man died in Endgame but because of the multiverse there are infinite Iron Mans so no one can really die. So that means that there are infinite Thanoses and infinite Kangs. Phase 4 also can bring in new characters with the multiverse, some bad some good, and with new heroes come new villains. Phase 5 can be the phase that all these new characters come to the MCU. Some characters that can come to the MCU: ghost rider, venom, the fantastic four, etc.

After asking 7th grader Caleb Wood what he thinks about phase 4, he stated that “phase 4 is not his favorite phase, as the infinite sega was a HUGE hit for marvel but he still thinks phase 4 has a lot of potential.”7th grader Alex Marks says “Marvel phase 4 has some masterpieces like the new spiderman movie, but there were some bad CGI jobs with the movie multiverse of madness and black widow. 

In conclusion Marvel phase 4 will be a new era. With news villains and phase 4 will bring some of our favorite heroes and new movies. With the multiverse and new heroes, there is so much marvel can do. Most people say it does not live up to phase 3 yet. That is all we know about phase 4.