Upcoming Concerts in California


Courtesy of Music Oomph

Ariana Reyes McCarthy

Plugging in your headphones, streaming your favorite songs, singing along all by yourself. Instead, you can sing along with your favorite artists live! Concerts are making a comeback after Covid-19 cases are decreasing all over the world. Now your favorite artists are traveling all over, singing, dancing, and performing, and you can be there! Artists like Doja Cat, the Weekend, Tyler the Creator, and many more are performing right here in California, awaiting your arrival. Hundreds of concerts are being performed near you, and here are just some of them.

Recently winning 3 grammys this year, also a student favorite artist here at Rio is Olivia Rodrigo! Olivia Rodrigo is soon performing at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Some of Rodrigo’s top hits are ‘Drivers License’, ‘Deja Vu’, and ‘Good 4 U’. The date of this performance is from Tuesday, May 24th and Wednesday, May 25th. The price of her tickets start at a couple hundred, and go as high as the thousands!

A collaborative artist that has been recently trending for his top hit ’Dark Red’ is Steve Lacy. Some of Steve Lacy’s trending songs include, ‘Dark Red’, ‘Sunflower’, and ‘Playground’. 7th grader Doreen Yoon shares, “Steve Lacy is awesome, my favorite song by him is Infrunami.” The date of his concert will be Wednesday, April 20, just 6 days away! Steve Lacy will be performing at The Novo in Los Angeles. Lacy’s ticket prices can range from $200-$1200.

Famous LGBTQ+ singer known for singing women love women songs is Girl in Red! Girl in Red’s concert tickets can be as little as $30 or up to $140. Some of Girl in Red’s top songs are ‘We fell in love in October’, ‘Bad Idea!’, and ‘girls’. The date of this concert will be Thursday, April, 21st from 8-11pm. Her performance will be at The Glass House Concert Hall, in Pomona, California.

These talented and amazing artists will be performing, so you better go out and get your tickets soon! Your favorite songs are going to be live and you have the chance to go see it all throughout April and May. If you have the opportunity, go with your friends to see your favorite artist perform live!