Juliet Weinberg- 8th Grader

Juliet Weinberg- 8th Grader

Emma Winter

Juliet Weinberg, a student at Rio Norte, is an eighth-grader who is fascinated by animal science and has taken advantage of the opportunity laid out by the pandemic, to spend time learning about this subject. We managed to interview her about her favorite field of Herpetology and gathered other fascinating information about the multiple species and their unique traits.
Q: What subcategories of animal science do you research the most?

A: The scientific term for the study of reptiles is Herpetology, and today I think we should be focusing on them.

Q: So what got you interested in herpetology?

A: To be honest I kind of stumbled on it by accident; I was pretty bored when school started last year and was looking for something to keep me preoccupied. When I found out that people could keep reptiles as pets, I started researching them in my spare time, and surprisingly found that I was really interested in them.

Q: What reptiles do you find to be your favorite and why?

A: My favorite reptiles have to be snakes, specifically, Colubrids like Bullsnakes and Ratsnakes. They move so gracefully like liquid and have very unique defense mechanisms. Take Hognose snakes, for instance, they’ll roll on their back and play dead when predators come by, very dramatic.

Q: So do you have any interest in getting a pet snake that you researched?

A: Well, I’ve obviously put some deep thought into if I can take care of another pet atm. Yes, I would love to have a pet snake, specifically a Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake, but I think I need to wait until the quarantine is over to get a feel for what my lifestyle will be like and if a snake will work with it.

Q: Do you want to have a career or job one day that is within the field of herpetology?

A: Considering I’ve been into snake genetics recently, I might end up breeding snakes as a hobby but I don’t think it will be my main occupation.

Q: What sources do you use to find information?

A: I use lots of things- mainly videos by well-respected reptile YouTubers such as Clint’s Reptiles or Snake Discovery and various articles by other herpetological societies. I try to get my information from as many sources as I can so I can cross-examine everything. So yes, I’m a nerd.

Q: Any advice for other people interested in learning about snakes or herpetology?

A: I would say if they’re interested in herps then go for it! Just make sure that you have reliable sources so you aren’t learning false information.