Woman Left Dead in Times Square


Courtesy of New York Post

Lucas Nguyen

On January 15, 2022, a woman was pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming train resulting in her death. Michelle Go, a woman residing in Manhattan, was murdered by Simon Martial, a senile homeless man in what could have been a hate crime.
The attack was unsuspected, as Go was pushed from behind by Martial. Martial then rode the subway to Lower Manhattan where he then informed the cops that he had shoved a woman into the oncoming train. Go was shown to have no connection to Martial up until she was shoved. Martial had previous encounters like this, in which they were related to mental health issues. The man was arrested and faced charges for his act. Upon arrest, Martial yelled, “Yeah because I’m God. Yes, I did. I’m God, I can do it.”
Police suspected that this attack was in the form of an Asian hate crime, as Go was of Asian descent. Martial begged otherwise, as he accused her of stealing his jacket. Even though, when he was arrested, he was wearing the jacket she “stole”. Regardless, the evidence has presented itself that this was mainly a cause of his mental health’s decline. Martial has been involved in many crime sprees in the past. He has been in several robberies, and will now receive a harder sentence than before. This incident happened soon after he was released from his last charge. He has been charged with a second-degree murder, and won’t be out anytime soon. He has also been put into a mental hospital to check his mental health.
As a result, this attack was not due to a hate crime, as the perpetrator was mentally ill. He is now facing charges of second degree murder, and his mental health is now being inspected. As for the Go family, they pray for justice.