Schools and Recent Covid Waves

Courtesy of Healthline

Courtesy of Healthline

Jacob Cuares

Covid-19 can affect students and staff members’ learning, and mental health, and with the new waves Covid is spreading more than ever.  You might want to know how recent Covid waves are affecting schools, and how your school is dealing with it.


  One way some schools are dealing with new Covid waves is by switching back to distance learning. Distance learning helps isolate students and stops the spread of the new highly infectious variant of Covid – 19, omicron which can even infect fully vaccinated individuals.


You may have also noticed upgraded mask mandates. Schools around the U.S are starting to encourage students to switch from cloth masks to surgical masks. Schools are also starting to enforce mask mandates by encouraging the use of masks unless eating, or drinking.


Another thing you may have noticed are the recent absences. When students get infected with Covid, or are in presence with someone who had Covid, they are usually taken out of school. Keep in mind that students are not the only ones who are getting infected and that staff members are also being infected. According to, There were about 32 unfilled staff positions in the Wasco Union Elementary School District. 


Omicron has presented difficulties and challenges for staff members running the school so running a school may be difficult. Principal Mr. Ferry has stated that, “Running a school during COVID is definitely a team effort.” He has also said that he had to implement new protocols like the outdoor mask policy. Principal Mr. Ferry has also given credit to teachers saying that they work hard to help students inside of the classroom, but also to help students that are in quarantine.


In summary, recent Covid waves have presented many challenges, but these challenges can be overcome if you work hard. Many, hard to follow policies and protocols have been implemented throughout many different schools but if you follow them, then maybe we can finally beat Covid.