House Olympics


Doreen Yoon


Friday, September 24th marks the start of an event called the House Olympics. This game was held and managed by ASB. The current houses that are competing are House Yeti, House Phoenix, House Dragon, House Pegasus, House Griffin, House Kraken, House Gnome, and House Sphinx. Chosen house members will be competing in activities for 5 days straight to win house points. On Friday, all players met up at the upper field to get to know each other. For the following week, here were the activities.

On Monday, September 27th, ASB held the first annual game of the House 

Courtesy of Doreen Yoon:

Olympics. The game was musical chairs. Over 20 students were chosen to play this game. Each round, about 2-3 chairs were removed. Omar Reza, a 7th grader who participated in this game says, “The game was super fun, it was funny seeing everyone’s reaction.” This was positive feedback for the game. Marley DeGracia, another 7th grader who participated in the game also had the same feelings as Omar. She says, “I thought the game was super fun, even though I was one of the first people to get out.” 7th grader Ciro Karapetyan won the game.

On Tuesday, September 28th, the game was Trivia! Students had to finish the lyrics to songs. Shane Gatewood, a 7th grader shares his opinions about Trivia. “Most of the songs were ’80s-’90s songs, so it didn’t catch my attention. However, my friend Caleb joined at the last minute and made it fun.”

On Wednesday, September 29th, students played Water Balloon Toss! Students passed water balloons to each other, like hot potatoes. “It was funny seeing the students drop the water balloons on the grass.” Tali Cooper, a 7th grader says.

On Thursday, September 30th, Teachers had to answer Trivia questions. The questions that were asked were throwback songs, 80’s-90’s songs. Ms. Dawson, the winner of this game says, “I lost the first round, but I won the last three. I moved onto the championship and won because it was a song by Olivia Rodrigo.”

Courtesy of Doreen Yoon:

On Friday, October 1st, they had Relay Races. Students were set up to walk, crab walk, and crawl between cones. Then, they had to keep a balloon up in the air without it falling. 8th grader Tom McMullen, the winner of the Relay Races says, “The relay races were pretty fun, but the balloons kept on falling and popping,  so at the same time it was kind of difficult.” 

Overall, Rio students have enjoyed the fun activities that ASB had in store for them. Hopefully, another fun event like this will happen again!