The Impact of Coronavirus


Courtesy of RaboResearch

Symone Adams

CoronaVirus, also known as COVID-19, has made 2020 one of the worst years in the 21st century. Since COVID-19 struck in early March, most of us haven’t seen our teachers, friends or loved ones in months. This worldwide pandemic has taken a strain on the whole world and a toll for all humans.

A devastating effect that the virus has had is the decrease of people. Worldwide 25.1 million people have been tested positive with this virus, and only 16.5 million people have recovered. Unfortunately, there have been over 844,000 deaths. In Los Angeles county, there have been 240,000+ cases, and 5,759 deaths. This decrease of people will not affect the world in the long run but, it definitely has changed the world we live in today.

Another very harmful change that has happened in the world especially the U.S. is the decline in the economy. According to the New York Times, the United States has just suffered the worst economic period in over 75 years. Since March, the unemployment rate rose 10%, more than it was before. As of July 2020, 55% of businesses have closed permanently due to the pandemic. At one point during the pandemic the stock markets even went down drastically.

Sadly, cases in Los Angeles County are climbing. One thing that we all need to do currently, is stop the spread of the virus as much as we can. That means we should all be social distancing and wearing a mask. If anyone is interested in getting a test, there is available testing at the Henry Mayo Newhall hospital, and many more locations. Let’s remember to not let this pandemic change the world in a bad way. Stay safe Riverhawks!