Is Returning to School Safe?

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Sharon Alvarado

After Covid-19 hit the United States back in January, everybody had to take precautions into slowing down the spread. Wearing masks, social distancing, and quarantine. But, this also led to many places being shut down, such as restaurants, stores, and schools. Schools closing left a huge impact on students; what students thought was a one week break, led to a year of learning from home. Other states such as Florida and Texas have already lifted stay at home orders, and now some counties in California have started reopening schools.

Some students preferred online school and would like to continue it, while some find it stressful and tiring. Balancing their life at home with school can come with many difficulties; lack of motivation and distractions can lead them to drop in grades. Going back to school can really improve their skills, especially for more hands on visual learners. But, what scares some parents and students is if they’re actually going to be safe. Very strict rules and safety precautions should be implied to make sure students are 100% safe. For example according to the  World Health Organization the amount of students attending, social distancing, masks, and symptoms should be closely monitored. Students with certain health conditions should take even more protective measures, if their health condition is extremely severe then it’s recommended for them to continue online school to further prevent any more risks. While this can depend on everybody’s own personal opinion, I believe that going back to school can benefit students. The WHO suggests that re-opening allows kids to further complete their education, online school is limiting the amount of information being taught. It also increases in their overall social and psychological being.

It’s no surprise that this virus is still around. With many people refusing to follow health safety rules, it will be difficult to go back to normal. But with so many lives being affected; children the most, patience might be the answer. Schools reopening is just a fraction of returning to normal. Teachers have already started getting vaccines, so if schools take good measures to protect kids, I believe that reopening would be great!