Summer Break Plans

Courtesy of Macadoodles

Courtesy of Macadoodles

Zachary York

School is coming to an end and with it the start of summer vacation. Imagine everyday without a worry in the world. Summer is the greatest time of year to go and make new memories, but some people just stay home for summer, not going out, enjoying life to the fullest. This article is for those people who don’t know what to do with their soon to be awesome summer break. 


Spend time thinking about what you are interested in and what you would like to try because summer is about expanding your horizons, going to new places and doing new things. If you can’t think of anything at first, talk to your friends and make summer plans. Some ideas for plans are going to the beach, the mall, Six flags, or the pool. If you’re not planning on going anywhere special then you can set summer goals for yourselves like by the end of summer you want to learn a new trick, finish a book, or do something new.


Some Rio Norte students shared their summer vacations plans and the things they look forward to. An eighth grader from Rio Norte shared his summer plans saying, “I’m going to Hawaii for summer vacation.” When asked about what he looks forward to for summer he said, “No school,” Another Rio Norte student in seventh grade said, “I’m going camping at the beach and visiting my grandma.” As summer comes to an end and school starts back up again, eighth graders will be going to high school to start a whole new chapter of their lives. So enjoy the summer while it lasts.