Attack on Titan


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Crue Redfern

Attack on Titan (AOT)  is an action fiction series that started April 7, 2013 and currently has 4 seasons. The creator and illustrator of Attack on Titan is Ha

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jime Isayama. Recently, AOT season 4 part 2 aired on February 13, 2022 on CrunchyRoll and Funimation which are two main anime streaming services. They have new episodes airing every Sunday.. Attack on Titan is available to watch on Hulu, Netflix, CrunchyRoll, Funimation, etc.

Attack on Titan is about \ Eren Jaeger ‘, the protagonist seeking vengeance against man eating titans that killed his mother. There are also two other characters named Armin and Mikasa that are Eren’s best friends. The show starts off in the town of Shiganshina. The town has 3 walls to protect themselves from the titans, Wall Maria (The Outermost Wall), Wall Rose (The Middle Wall), and Wall Sina (The Innermost Wall). All of a sudden, all hell breaks loose when  the Colossal Titan breaks down Wall Maria and that’s where the story begins. Eren Jaeger joins the Survey Corps to start his journey to become a titan slayer. The Survey Corps is a program that has people kill titans to save humanity. They use something called Omni-directional mobility gear (ODM Gear) to traverse quickly around the town and they also use swords to cut the napes (back of a titan’s neck) of the titans to kill them efficiently because that is the weak spot for all titans.  On Eren’s first mission he saves his friend Armin from getting eaten by a Titan but ends up getting eaten himself. Everyone thinks he’s dead until something strange happens…

The show has a very involved story and many likable characters. There are emotional scenes in the show while also having action packed stand alone episodes.The rest of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 is the last installment of the show. This show is very good because it’s plot and story are extremely well-made. A 7th grade student from Rio named Noah Yu says “It has a very good storyline and it has good foreshadowing”. In conclusion, Attack on Titan is a show that you should try to watch if you want a really awesome story (this show has a lot of gore so don’t watch if you are grossed out by gore).