Arcane Season 2


Courtesy of League of Legends – Wiki

Lucas Nguyen

Arcanes release on November 6 was a smashing success, accumulating a lot of popularity in the span of only a couple of days. Ending after 9 episodes, released in 3 episode acts every week, fans are exuberant for the release of season 2.

Arcane, a series featuring characters from LoL like Vi, Jinx, Viktor, and Jayce, received a lot of attention and appraise when it first aired on November 6, 2022. In the span of a few days, people created works upon works of art portraying characters from the show. Week by week, as more episodes were released, the community grew even larger, and by the time it ended, fans were hungry for more.

Netflix has officially confirmed that Arcane will be getting a season 2 but in a long time. Notably, they stated that you won’t expect it any time in 2022. That means that season 2 can possibly release x≥2023. This is still a long time, so don’t complain to Riot Games on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Netflix is currently in a very bad state. They are rapidly losing subscribers after their most recent discussion about ads. They have discussed that they would consider adding advertisements to basic subscriptions. This could potentially bring down the big release of Arcane season 2, or it can breathe some life into Netflix.

Season 2 of Arcane’s release is very vague, but we at least have some hints at when it will be released. Hopefully, Netflix makes the right decision, and Arcane Season 2 will be a hit.