Sherman Poppen And Snurfing

Courtesy of Vintage Snow

Courtesy of Vintage Snow

Logan Levan

Snowboarding came with a shaped board with metal on the side and a rope to keep the nose out of the snow. It started as a simple 2 skies all the way up to a world wide sport that was added to the olympics. When snowboarding was getting large more snowboard companies opened like Burton which was one of the most popular ones. 

Even if snow is fun there are other cons like skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. Some of the cons are, reducing global warming, keeping the ground warm. At the time of snow season and there’s lots of snow on the ground it reduces global warming by pushing the heat back into space or orbit. The snow does not affect a plants growth because it keeps the ground warm and feeding it water when it melts.

A snow positive is the enhancement visibility, of some landscapes plants. Witch also makes things look cool. When their is a nice clean white on the branches of a tree it enhances the visibility.

Although snow has all the pros in the world, sports lovers may think of it as a con. When snow hits it usually means it is really cold at least 20 degrees, and at that temperature all sports are canceled. So many sports people hate the snow, but i can’t say the same.

Many people use the snow to surf in the winter or skateboard down a mountain in the winter, and that’s when sherman poppen thought of the snurfer. He originally created it on christmas day of 1965 for the enjoyment of his kids. His wife later called it the snurfer because you can surf the snow. Sherman poppen dies, july 31, 2019 at the age of 87.