Jedi Survivor

Brayden Rivers, Staff Writer

Jedi Survivor is a very popular video game based on the trilogy Star Wars. Star Wars™ is a very big franchise and it’s the sequel to the first one, Jedi Fallen Order. Star Wars™ is a very popular franchise and they just came out with this new game. There are many pros and cons to Jedi Survivor though.

Star Wars™ Jedi Survivor came out on April 28, 2023, released by EA. One pro about it is that we get a new Star Wars™ game. Lots of Star Wars™ fans are gamers and love past Star Wars™ games like Lego Star Wars™ games, and both Star Wars™ battle fronts. Star Wars™ Jedi Fallen Order came out on November 15, 2019. Star Wars™ Jedi Survivor is the sequel to it. Jedi Fallen Order was a huge success for Star Wars™ because of what era of Star Wars™ the game is based around. The game is mainly about fighting enemies with a lightsaber as a Jedi on the run. Jedi Survivor is a little after Jedi Fallen Order in the timeline and that’s what fans love about Star Wars™. The fans love that the games like this one go in timeline order.

Courtesy of Den of Geek

However, a major con is that most people have an Xbox 1, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. This game can only be played on the new X-box Series X/S, PS5, and PC. On top of that it costs 70$ just for the game. This affects a lot of people because these consoles are still new so not many people have them. This is a big problem because these consoles are very expensive. Because of this Jedi Survivor may not be as popular as it was anticipated to be.

Finally, Star Wars™ games usually take a while to come out but they turn out to be great to almost perfect. That’s why this game is already a big hit. This could be turned into a series of three games if this game is successful, which most of the time Star Wars™ games are, then they could make a third one. A lot of fans love Jedi Fallen Order so then they might get Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor is a popular game already and so is Jedi Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor will most likely be successful. Even though it has its ups and downs it still most likely will draw the attention of most Star Wars™ fans to play it.