Fright Fest

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Fright Fest is a time around halloween where everyone goes to Six Flags for all the scary decorations and all the scary people chasing you. You can also go on the rides there and you can wear a costume too. Fright fest is for everyone who loves scary things.

There are 6  mazes you can go to. They are so fun when you go with friends. Fright fest is from September 10, tol October 31. On normal days it’s open from 6 pm to1 am. Face your fears at the best Halloween event of the season, featuring a bone-chilling collection of haunted attractions, spine-tingling scare zones and mind-controlling shows. When the sun sets, beware the dark as the terror comes alive. Only the bravest souls can handle our terrifying line  of scare zones and haunted attractions. According to Max Rex, his favorite ride during fright fest is Tatsu. Max likes fright fest because it’s fun and he likes going on rides and going through mazes Max also thinks that Fright Fest is scary.

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According to Maddie Pawlak, her favorite ride is Crazanity and X2., Maddie likes Fright Fest because of the jump scares and running with her friends. Maddie thinks Fright Fest is so fun during halloween. Fright Fest at Magic Mountain will feature six haunted mazes, eight scare zones and four live shows on 23 select nights from, Sept. If you are thinking about taking small kids to Fright Fest at Six Flags, you can totally do it. It’s tons of fun, a bunch of things for them the entire day and if you leave before dark, There is an event also called Kids Boo Fest that you can take your kids to. There are many fun mazes called Truth or Dare, Devil’s Triangle, Terror Rising, TERRORtory Twisted, City Under Siege, The Deadzone. A day ticket is $24.99 or you can buy a pass to go all season long for $49.99 and you get in free every time. You can ride any rides while you’re there. have a show with people singing and dancing that you could join. It’s really fun.