The Best Christmas Songs


Doreen Yoon

As Halloween songs slowly slip away, Mariah Carey and all the other Christmas songs defrost and rise from their icy graves. Starting November 1st, many radio stations start to blast these festive songs. The original Christmas songs aren’t the only thing you’ll be hearing. Many musical artists come out with their own merry songs during the winter months. Even though many prefer the classic tunes over the “newer” songs, plenty of people do listen to these songs.
One famous Christmas song is “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, by Mariah Carey. Many think that Mariah Carey was the one who originally wrote and sang the song first, but she wasn’t. Almost 30 years from today was when the original” All I Want For Christmas Is You” was released. Yes, it’s true that Mariah Carey wrote her own version of the song, but it isn’t the original. Carey’s song was a total hit. Since 2011, Carey has made over $6o,000,000. To this day, Mariah Carey is earning $600,000 per year! 20 years after the song was released, it was officially labeled as a modern classic. 7th grader Marley DeGracia says, “I love this song because it’s a bop.”

The famous pop duo “Wham!” is known for their famous song, ‘‘Last Christmas’. The song falls into the pop music genre. Since 1984, it has been streamed repeatedly about 4.8 billion times! In one week, the song has been played 9.8 million times in the United Kingdom. In the past 37 years, they have earned over $15,000,000. This means that they’ve earned about $400,000 per year! “It’s a really great song. It gets you in the Christmas spirit,” says 7th grader Smera Arun.

Last but not least, “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande is a well-known song. Santa Tell Me was released in 2014, and the song has over 235,000,000 views on YouTube. The song genre is Christmas and R&B. About $370,000 are made each year. In the past 8 years of the song’s release, it has earned about $3,000,000. When the winter season arrives, make sure to listen to these songs, and have a blast!