Should Students Be Scared of High School

Matthew Casis, Staff Writer

High school is where teenagers get educated before they go off to pursue a career or go to college. This year, every 8th-grade student in junior high school is graduating and going to high school. While some are thrilled to attend high school, 55% of California junior high students are afraid to go. Students are scared of high school because of the work, not fitting in, being lost, and the 10-12th grade students since they may get picked on. Students shouldn’t get scared by these because the fears are not scary.

Students shouldn’t be worried about failing or not being able to catch up with their assignments. The work is both hard, but also somewhat easy depending on the teacher and the class. Students should adopt their study habits and keep up with the work the school is giving them. If students are worrying and struggling at work, they should ask a teacher or adult, it can benefit students’ understanding and it is not that scary to ask.

Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

Students shouldn’t need to be worrying about not fitting in. They should act and dress like themselves, they don’t need to have trendy things to stand out. Being yourself makes you stand out from the rest and can show who is loyal to who they are, and not just switching up to be like others. Students should have friends that like the things they like instead of Friends that hate those. Students can join clubs or sports teams so they can meet new people that might have similar interests.

Students have no reason to worry about being lost in high school. According to David Casis, a sophomore at Valencia High School, “Getting lost was hard and you barely get lost most of the time.” Students should ask teachers or their counselors if they need help finding their class. They should also ask for a map from the school, but if they don’t have one, students should study the layout and create a map.

Students shouldn’t be afraid of the students there. Many students think 10-12th graders will tease or be mean to them because they don’t like the same things. They are wrong, many students are nice to others and there are barely any mean students that tease or bully others. David Casis states, “People shouldn’t be afraid. It may seem scary at first but everyone in high school is nice and friendly.”