Top 5 Dog Breeds in America

Courtesy of Newsweek

Dylan Wood, Staff Writer

There are a lot of different dog breeds. And there are only 5 of the most popular dogs in the world. The 5th most popular dog breed is the poodle. They are popular because of their stylish looks. The poodle is also really smart, and athletic. So they could make a good dog for owners.

The 4th most popular dog breed is the German shepherd. The German Shepherd is well known for being a good guard dog and police dog. They are also known for being really loyal and confident dogs. They have lots of energy so if you like to walk dogs this one is good for you.

The 3rd most popular dog breed is the Golden Retriever. People like to call it “America’s dog”. Golden Retrievers are gentle dogs that are really good with kids. Golden Retrievers love people They have a lot of energy and love to drink water.

Courtesy of Animal Wised

French bulldogs are in 2nd because they are small and quiet. Though they were quite expensive. They like swimming and are stubborn and lazy.

The best dog breed is the Labrador Retriever. They are popular dog breeds because they are good with kids like the Golden Retriever. They are smart and energetic and they love people.