Does Doing a Sport Help Kids Prepare for Adult Life?

Does Doing a Sport Help Kids Prepare for Adult Life?

Maddie Pawlak, Staff Writer

Most kids do sports outside of school. Not only do sports help children develop healthy exercise habits, but it elevates them mentally too. Studies have shown that regular sports can provide psychological benefits for children, teaching them necessary life skills.

Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn teamwork, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem. Participating in sports will give you tools and skills that will help you succeed in the workplace and in life. Athletes know all about hard work, adaptability, reaching goals and humility. These skills translate into the professional world, helping you progress in your career and personal relationships.

When I asked Mr O, a 7th grade science teacher, ” Do sports help prepare kids for their life for the future?” He stated , “Absolutely! Sports teaches all of us about hard work, grit and resilience. It teaches us to get up when we fail or get knocked down. You have to learn to work with others to achieve a like minded goal. You learn to put others first and when needed you learn to step up in a leadership role.”

I also asked him if doing a sport helps you stay fit? And he said, Yes, sports can help people stay fit. Many sports like soccer, basketball and lacrosse require a lot of running and agility. Coaches in sports design workout programs that help their athletes be more successful in their specific sport. Sports like cross country and track require specific training. Football, volleyball and wrestling don’t require as much running but require a great deal of strength and agility. So, yes sports help you get FIT!

Kids who participate in sports are most likely to have stronger muscles and bones. It also helps keep their weight under control. Being active in sports will also help keep their heart healthy because it improves cardiovascular endurance.

Research shows that participating in youth sports can lead to immediate and long-term benefits for youth, their families, and communities. 73% of parents believe that sports benefit their child’s mental health.