Kennedy Wertz, Staff Writer

Artificial Intelligence Could be Taking Overwant whenever you want. Even though it sounds amazing, it has some bad qualities. ChatGPT hasn’t been allowing kids to grow and advance in school. ChatGPT does not have liable information, leading kids into believing the wrong things. ChatGPT is overall bad for humanity because the source isn’t reliable and it doesn’t allow students’ minds to grow. Expand more on some of your ideas

ChatGPT isn’t a reliable source, and gives wrong information making people do the wrong things. ChatGPT makes believable statements, but that doesn’t mean what it says is factual.Most people when using the internet will believe almost everything they see, so when they see what ChatGPT is telling them they will believe it. If someone believes it, it can cause people to say and promote the wrong things. “concern regarding the safety and accuracy of content.” The creators of ChatGPT have little to no control over what the chatbot is telling people. For example, the chatbot could be telling people that they should do unsafe things that could get them injured or worse. While ChatGPT isn’t a reliable source it also doesn’t allow students to learn.  Add more paragraphs

ChatGPT has started to overcome the ability of the human mind. ChatGPT makes kids cheat and teaches them the wrong information. ChatGPT is hurting humanity, and it’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence takes over. ChatGPT needs to be blocked, and should not be used.

Jamie Gloria, she stated “ Chat GPT has many capabilities but it can help kids who don’t know how to start their articles.”