Rio Norte’s Phone Policy

Courtesy of Sign Mission

Courtesy of Sign Mission

Alex Yim, Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard, there will be a new phone policy that will take effect in Rio Norte during Fall, of 2023. The details of the phone policy are not yet finished, and as of now, they are going to make it so you have to keep your phone in your backpack while on school campus. You might think this is harsh, but you will be able to get on your phone right when you go off of school campus.

For now, when you come into school you have to put your phone into your backpack, off or silent. Not vibrate mode, silent. You go throughout the day with the phone in your backpack without taking it out. After school when you leave campus you can check if you have any messages from your parents, friends, and group chats.

When asked why implementing the phone policy was the best decision, Mrs. Bennett the principal of Rio Norte responded, “There is just so much research coming out, that’s showing how the number of hours and time teenagers are spending on their phone, screen time, social media, all of that is affecting teenage brain development.” Mrs. Bennett isn’t implementing this phone policy because she doesn’t like her students, it is because she cares about her students. She is trying to prevent addiction at an early age. Also, there are some exceptions.

When asked if there were any exceptions, Mrs. Bennett responded, “Teachers may still have projects where kids have to take their phones.” This means that if your class requires your phone to proceed. You are allowed to take your phone out to do whatever you have to do for the class.

Courtesy of Alex

Phone policy changes are being implemented at Rio Norte to make it a better place for students to socialize. So far, Mrs. Bennett has been receiving feedback on the new policy and is currently considering what tweaks can be made. You can change this policy to make it much better.