Does Technology Make You Lazy?

Courtesy of TechFunnel

Courtesy of TechFunnel

Atul Pillai, Staff Writer

With people using technology more than ever now, it begs the question, does technology make you lazy? Well in this article, I will be discussing both sides of this controversial argument.

A large majority of people agree with the fact that technology makes you lazy and reduces your productivity. Many people say technology makes you lazy because you can entertain yourself, talk with others, shop online, and even get food delivered to your door. With all this technology, people tend to lie on their beds and do practically anything they want with a few clicks. Even if you go outside, you’ll still see many people riding electric scooters or bikes.7th grader, Jaden Ruan says, “…I think technology is making us lazy because some things that we had to work hard for can now be done with just a click. For example, it takes a lot of concentration and focus to drive safely, but now we can just press a button and have autopilot drive for us.” 

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Despite the previous information that shows technology seems to make you lazy, a large number of people say otherwise. Many people claim that technology doesn’t make you lazy but rather just helps you do things more efficiently. Although it may seem like social media, entertainment systems, and delivery apps are increasing our laziness, it also shows that we have made technological advancements. We are making things easier for ourselves, which isn’t a bad thing. It sounds foolish to say that, but the truth is that many people think advancing technology makes us lazy. In a world without technology, there would be no Wi-Fi, no communication online, online games, and much more. 

As you can see, the argument of whether technology makes you lazy or not is a consensus topic that has reasonable evidence for both sides. For the side that states it does make you lazy, you can mention that we can do almost anything we want with a few clicks. For the side that states technology doesn’t make you lazy, you can state that without technology, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and many things that we love doing wouldn’t be possible to do.