Black History Month


Courtesy of Aldine ISD

Tali Cooper

In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially made the month of February Black History Month. This is to remember all the great and contributial things that African Americans have brought to the United States. Some important figures for this month are Martin Luther King Jr., Hank Aaron, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, and many, many more. This month is very important and we should all center our attention to all the accomplishments of these people in medicine, technology, etc.

Usually when people think of African Americans in the United States, they think of basketball players, football players, and singers. There certainly are black people who are extremely talented in all these professions, such as Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Beyonce, and Jim Brown. There are, however, so many different ethnicities that have contributed to all the academic things in our country today, too.

When asked why Black History Month is important to them, Emma Ellis said “It’s a month I feel I can be included in.” This is one of the other purposes of this month. We want others to feel included and welcome so we honor the things they have done for our community.

Vice principal Ms. August tells us that the most important aspect of this month is to just remember what they all did that was worthwhile. She said that people should commemorate this month by understanding what all these people have done and not assume things by their appearance. Ms. August talked about how when people first think of black people, they imagine the football players, basketball players, etc. She wants people to actually remember and honor them for what they have done in more important fields as well.

Black History Month is so important in our world. Especially with all the discrimination and judging going on today, we need something to remember that we are all the same on the inside – no matter what color your skin is. African Americans are more than 13% of the US population and we should observe this month with an open mind about these people and everything they have contributed to our home!