Matcha, the Greatest Milk Tea


Courtesy of Lucas

Lucas Nguyen

If you’ve lived in California for a long time, you’ve probably heard of boba. Boba is great, and has been, and will be, a favorite of many. However, you can’t have boba without the drink. (Well you can, but it’s not as good.) There is a variety of drinks and flavors you can choose from, all which are unique and flavorful. But, out of all of them, one is very special. That drink is called Matcha, or green tea. It has a very distinctive flavor and look, as it has a light pale green color, and the purest form of matcha is a light olive green.

It has its origin, which started all the way back in the 7-10th century of China. This was known as the Tang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty was a very prosperous time, as many new improvements and inventions were being made. One of which was green tea. Tea was a big part of Chinese culture, and it quickly spread to places all over the world. Green tea was brought over to Japan by a monk, and it was highly treasured as the most quality tea in Japan. It was also identified as a sign of prosperity. But, back then, it was not fully pure like it is today. Not until zen buddhists created a new method for making matcha, which included growing under a shaded area. That also maximized the health benefits. Later in the 1980’s, when Boba was first invented, it was quickly incorporated with boba, and became the drink that it is today.

Courtesy of Lucas

Matcha milk tea is a very common drink at boba stores, and you’re unlikely to come across a place without matcha. Matcha also comes in many different varieties, like matcha slushes, or shakes. It can also be used to flavor other teas, like jasmine matcha milk tea. I can only describe the flavor of matcha as a slight bitterness, which quickly turns to a sweet, smooth, flavor, with a lingering aftertaste.

I interviewed a few students, asking for their opinions on matcha. Mia Low, an 8th grader at Rio Norte, provided this feedback on the drink, “Matcha is great, it’s green, it’s sweet, and my mom makes it all the time.” Shoe Perico, another 8th grader, says, “It’s delicious, and is a nice treat to have on weekends.” These have both been positive responses and opinions on matcha.

In California, there are boba places everywhere. Here are my Top 5 for California.
1. Gong Cha
2. Tastea
3. It’s Boba Time
4. Share Tea
5. Ding Tea