Joel Priesz- 7th Grader

Joel Priesz- 7th Grader

Nicholas Lazar

Joel Priesz, is a 12 year old student at Rio Norte. He loves the guitar and he thinks it’s fun and exciting. He’s a Dodgers fan, and he plays baseball as his other hobby. When not playing baseball, he plays the guitar. He has a twin sister that encourages him to try again even when he fails. He says “I love her for that”. He’s currently a 7th grader, and he’s loving Rio Norte so far despite the fact that he is staying home. He said “Guitar is my life”. He clearly has a strong passion for music, and especially the guitar.


Q: What made you want to play the guitar?

A: “I was always interested in music, and I thought guitars were cool, and I like listening to famous people play them. I just thought guitars were awesome and if I wanted to play music then this is how I wanted to do it.”


Q: Do you have an idol? And if you do, why do you look up to them?

A: “Probably the group of people that I look up to in music is The Beatles. They play awesome music, and I love trying and learning to play songs that they played.”


Q: Why the guitar instead of any other instrument?

A: “The Guitar is an awesome and beautiful instrument. You can play different styles of music with it and playing it is just magical!”


Q: Do you have any advice for people who are starting on the guitar?

A: “When starting guitar my fingers hurt a lot because they hadn’t gotten calluses yet. I also got bored a lot quickly to be honest, but I just committed and then I overcame the struggles and was able to play fun songs, and then guitar got a lot more awesome and enjoyable!”


Q: What’s your favorite song to play on the guitar?

A: “This is a hard question to answer because I have played many awesome songs since I started playing. I narrowed my list down to 3 songs. Space Oddity by David Bowie, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, and finally, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.”


Q: How many songs can you play on the guitar?

A: “I can play a lot of songs on guitar! About 30 songs, they are all wonderful, I enjoy them all. One thing I wish was that I didn’t have so many papers. My room is littered with guitar papers from old songs and current ones.”


Q: How much time do you spend playing the guitar each day?

A:  “I set a goal for myself when I got my first guitar to practice it for 30 minutes a day. Sometimes I get bored playing the same 5 measures over, and over again but I still enjoy my guitars and reap the reward of my work.”


Q: What do you like about the guitar?

A: “I like how (in the case of an electric guitar), it’s formable like clay. You can change its tone and it’s volume. I like to think that the guitar is singing. It can change it’s “voice” from an old country singer to a heavy metal rock and roll queen. In the case of an acoustic guitar, I like how it is beautiful yet classic. It can be used as a bold instrument, and I love the sounds it can make.”


Q: Why do you play the guitar, is it your dream?

A: “I play the guitar more of a hobby then in a hope to become a guitarist someday. I play it and love it as a hobby, but I don’t think I would want it as a job in the music industry. It’s not my dream to become a professional guitarist, but a hope to become as good as a professional guitarist.”


Q: What drives you to perpetually play the guitar.

A: “I am driven to play the guitar by my love and respect for the beautiful instrument. It’s fun trying to come up with your own songs or making up solo’s to play. My guitars are awesome and I am thankful for all who have supported me.”