Meet Rio’s New Librarian

Courtesy of Mr. Gonsalves

Courtesy of Mr. Gonsalves

Sahasra Ponnuswamy

If you have gone to the library to check out a book or buy something from our book fair, you would have seen Mr. Gonsalves. For all the eight graders here at Rio you would remember the old librarian Mrs. Van Duzzee. At that time Mr. Gonsalves was the substitute librarian. Now he is our full time librarian and he is planning to stay! Here is some information about him! 

Brandon Gonsalves was born on April 12, making him an Aries! He has been a librarian for 3 years, and has worked at Valencia High and Arroyo Seco before coming to Rio. He loves reading and analyzing, and gets really invested when talking about books. He also enjoys checking out books to read. Talking to kids about shared passions, and recommending books to students is something that attracted him to his career of choice. He has “got into the library world and hasn’t looked back since!”

Before becoming a librarian, you have to become an English teacher! If you want to become a librarian here’s a heads up on what you need to do. If you want to work at a school you have to love going to school, and doing tons of homework! After becoming a teacher, to teach a certain subject, you have to get a teaching credential. For becoming a librarian you need credentials in English and Library Services. Mr. Gonsalves is working towards his Library Services credential!

Mr. Gonsalves’ favorite genres when it comes to literature are Science Fiction and Fantasy. When in the mood he might pick up a realistic fiction book though. When it comes to reading a long series of books, he is ready to plop down and read! His favorite animal is an otter, and his favorite color is Red. He likes to pair it up with Black. Fun Fact, When Mr. G was in highschool he had bought checkered Vans shoes. Even though the color scheme was originally White and Black, he thought it would be cool to color all the White squares Red!

Mr. Gonsalves would like to tell everyone at Rio Norte, first of all thanks for reading this article and to keep on reading, learning, and growing. Also he would like to tell you that there is a book for every person! 

The library is a place where everyone can read, learn, and have fun. There are many book genres from Realistic Fiction to Sci-Fi, to  Romance and Fantasy. There will be at least one book that you will read and enjoy! Keep reading, Riverhawks!