Lunch Time Intramural Games


Tom McMullen

For the 2021-2022 school year, We will be bringing back intramurals to the Rio Norte campus. Because the campus is new to everyone, you might be wondering an intramural is. An intramural is a small tournament that is hosted several times a year. 

At our intramurals there will be Dodgeball, Flag Football, 3 on 3 Basketball and Volleyball.

All the events will be conducted at different times during the school year. Right now we will starting off Dodgeball and by October we’ll have Football.  When we come back from Winter Break there will be Basketball, and finally there will be Volleyball in Spring.

For Dodgeball, the signups were held on Monday, August 30th,  at the picnic tables outside of the G-2 classroom. The game schedule was also posted that week and the games will start after the 3-day weekend in the week of September 6th. Each dodgeball team can have all the 7th graders they can have, but with 8th graders there is a limit of 10. Unlike the other tournaments, there can be no substitute players on a Dodgeball team.

There is some facts you should know about’s our school’s intramurals. To enter you must have or be on a team. The amount of teams competing in each event varies on the sport. Even though you may not be picked to compete first, you will still be in the competition.

Football, Basketball and Volleyball all have a 7th grade and 8th grade division. If you team is fully made of 7th grade you will inevitably be in the 7th grade division, same thing for 8th grade. If you team is fully made of 8th graders, you will be put in the 8th grade division. If a team has even one eighth grader in the team they will be put in the 8th grade division. And for each event’s requirements there will be jerseys if needed.

Of course, if you are not following the rules and exhibiting inappropriate behavior you will be asked to step out of the tournament. These sports were picked out, to be used for the events to help you decide if a life of sports if what works for you. The intramurals at our school are not just for you to show off your athletic ability, but to also promote good sportsmanship and teamwork. And most importantly to have fun!


Our awesome custodian Bubba and dodgeball players