Will Stranger Things Season 4 Truly be Worth the Wait?


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Shae Perico

Many Stranger Things fans have been waiting for way too long for the fourth season. We have finally gotten our first peek for season four obvious spoilers! In the post credit scene for the last episode of season 3 we see hopper who we thought had passed in the Russian base in a very snowy area that was confirmed to be Russia, this was very confusing for fans because we also saw a prisoner in the Russian prison getting sacrificed to a demogorgon , you heard that right a demogorgon we thought that they were gone but apparently not! But as we know they are all supposed to be dead, the demogorgons died at the end of season 1 and Hopper sacrificed himself to close the gate to the upside down, even though we saw Hopper in Russia there have been many theories about him and what he’s like now. People have been saying this could not be the Hopper we know and love, Hopper could possibly turn to the bad side.

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We have finally gotten a reveal of some new episode titles and characters. There have been posts on instagram about a new club at Hawkins High School, called the Hellfire club. Obviously Will and Eleven will not be in the club because they are in Chicago. There has also been some speculation about Mike’s new love interest?! This was a huge bummer for Mileven shippers. So far we know she is a blonde and her name is Chrissy she is also a cheerleader for Hawkins High! Many fans thought that Stranger Things season 4 was the last, however a few months ago Stranger Things filming posted a photo stating that this would not be the end of this amazing show. Fans were shocked and so excited for the new seasons that are coming.

There have been countless fake release dates for the new season of stranger things but sadly none have been real, However we have got a few possible dates and hints as to when it will be released. But a while ago back in March of 2020 when he was on an Instagram Q&A David Harbour Announced that said that he thought that the new episodes are supposed to be coming out early next year but as you know sadly that did not happen due to COVID-19. But now we are expecting it in l

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ate 2021 or early 2022.

In conclusion I think that we all can agree that this season will be the best so far, with all the new characters and Hopper coming back AND Demigorgans. Fans are so excited!