Super Bowl Betting


Courtesy of Wikipedia

Nicholas Lazar

Every single year more than 100,000+ people in Nevada place bets on the superbowl. This year, William Hill bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Buccaneers. This happened February 6th the day before the superbowl. Little did he know, he would win big time. Why did he bet so much you may ask? It’s because the Buccaneers were favored to win. But still taking a risk that may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars is insane.

Prize pools are similar but their usually smaller amounts of money than flat out bets. The way it works is you need multiple people to enter and each person needs to chip in some money. Each week you choose between the teams that are playing that day and you choose who’s going to win. Prize pools usually continue throughout the season and the superbowl. Sometimes, they make different prize pools that bet on the halftime score, the final score, and even what team scores first. You’re less likely to win those, but if you do win you get more money. The buccaneers won with the odds being in their favor. 86% of winners were satisfied with the money they got from bets, while the other 14% felt their time being wasted even though they won a little bit of money.

According to about 63% of people who watched the superbowl ordered hot wings. Due to this food being so popular, some people reported waiting three hours for hot wings. Personally, when I tried to get hot wings it was a two hour wait so we just decided to get pizza. Some popular places to get hot wings are Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and there were some popular places in Fresno, California. Wings aren’t only the one food everybody was getting, people also got sliders, nachos, pizza, mac & cheese, and made their own dips. Somebody even made their homemade football made of pepperoni and crackers.