Tiger Wood’s Car Crash


Courtesy of Fredrick J. Brown

Ava Cantillo

Imagine driving down a long downhill road listening to your favorite song when suddenly boom your car spins out of control and rolls into oncoming traffic. Tiger Woods’ whole life was changed when this happened to him recently on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2021. Woods was driving on a long piece of downhill road when he hit a center median(the strip of land or concrete used to separate two sides of the road), and flipped into oncoming traffic rolled multiple times down a hill.

Tiger woods says he was on his way to shoot a documentary in Los Angeles when he crashed. Tiger Woods was in a very expensive car that had multiple airbags which created a bubble that saved his life. Tiger Woods’ family member says “he knows he is very lucky to be alive”. When officials arrived on the scene they used the “jaws of life” to stretch the metal in order to pull Tiger Woods out. The jaws of life are big metal priar shaped machines to tear through metal used by paramedics to save people.

Tiger Woods was unconscious when found in the shattered car. Luckily there were no other people in the car with him. Tiger Woods was rushed to Harbor UCLA hospital with many open wounds on his legs. When they arrived at the hospital Woods was put in a long surgery. Surgeons found he had many injuries to his right tibia and fibula which were repaired with a metal rod. Pins and screws were put in his shattered ankle to try to fix it.

Officer Alex Villaneauva says that “ it was purely an accident”. The golf star was driving on Hawthorne Boulevard which is notorious for having many accidents. Officials are trying to fix Hawthorne Boulevard and make it safer. There have been accidents dating back to the 1970’s when a truck hit another car and burned three victims. There have been 13 accidents from last January to now. There are arguments on how to make the long winding road into LA’s Basin safer and less accident prone. Hopefully, Tiger Woods will make a recovery from all his severe injuries. He is a true golf legend.