COVID-19 Vaccine


Courtesy of South China Morning Post

Andrew Kazaryants

The coronavirus is a world wide pandemic that is making millions struggle around the world right now. People are taking precautionary measures to make sure they stay safe. The virus is attacking people and killing off thousands of people everyday. We need a vaccine as it can help restore the world to how it used to be. Kids here at Rio Norte need a vaccine to come quick to be able to go back to school either this year or next year.

Health experts around the world say that multiple vaccines are currently being worked on. Currently, there are two vaccines that are being given out to people, but only to health care workers, and the elderly. It is safe to say that a vaccine is not around to everyone yet, but is slowly getting there. On an average day, about 5,000 people die of the virus, with the death toll only rising every minute. People need to stay home and wait until enough vaccine doses are available for everyone to get the world back to normal.

There are currently 67 vaccines in trial being tested right now. Although, this does not mean that they are all going to work. Only 20 vaccines are currently in the final stages of testing and none of them are out of that yet. Only two vaccines passed a couple weeks ago and even those are not fully protecting you. The vaccine process is long and hard, it usually takes about 10 years for them to come out, so the fact that there are already some coming out in only a year is amazing.

According to a company by the name of BioNTech, they have stated, “Our vaccine is now over 90% effective and is almost ready to be released.” Companies like this are working hard everyday to try their best and help the world heal. They have been working on the vaccine since January 2020, and have made it work by giving it certain genetic instructions that can pair with humans. The website shows the several phases of vaccine testing and how long it takes to get them out. The chart shows how they have gotten this vaccine out almost ten times faster than usual.

The two vaccines that have been released are called “Moderna” vaccine and the “Pfizer” vaccine that is BioNTech’s. In other good news, there are also about 89 vaccines that are much easier and take less time to make for animals that are currently in testing. All of this vaccine nes is surprising to millions because of how fast they are coming out. States like California are receiving up to one million vaccines every week ro help get this under control. The world is estimated to be normal again around summertime this year, to winter this year.