Bicycle Shortage


Courtesy of ABC7 Chicago

Savannah Gordillo

It looks like bikes are making a comeback, but maybe they are coming back a little too strong. Bike shops are selling two to three times the number of bikes than what they generally do. But why? Well it’s, of course, because of covid, when is it not? As you might know, transporting by bus or subways isn’t recommended right now as a safety precaution. Those who don’t have cars needed to find a way to get to places, and why not a bicycle? It’s a simple solution that we have been using for years. However, this isn’t the only reason for the sudden increase of bike sales. Most gyms are closed right now due to covid, and people want a way to stay fit. So bike riding is what hundreds of thousands of Americans decided on. Also, some people got bored of sitting at home all day with nothing to do, so they decided to get bikes for their whole family so everyone could entertain themselves and get some fresh air. Sales of fitness bikes jumped 66% more, leisure bikes went up 121%, children’s bikes increased 59%, and electric bikes went up 85%. Bicycle companies are trying their best to meet the new standards, but it might take some time.