Six Flags Reopens

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Isabella Saxum

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita is now reopened for all California citizens.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park found in Santa Clarita, California. The theme park has been closed since March of 2020 because of the spread of Covid-19, but has now been reopened. The park reopened on April 1, 2021 to all members and seasons pass holders and on April 3, 2021 to the general public. “Californians are ready to visit their favorite Six Flags theme park and have some fun,” said Senior Vice President of Park Operations, Bonnie Weber to investors Six Flags. Even though Six Flags has reopened, it is still limiting the people that are allowed at a time in the theme park. It also has many new safety features that are in the park to keep everyone safe.

An employee at Six Flags named Alina Bench told me about her job and how different Six Flags is now.

Q: What safety precautions do six flags now have?

A: “The safety precautions six flags have now is; wearing a mask, keeping a 6 foot distance and maintaining the safety of washing hands regularly along with cleaning the rides every hour.”

Q: How do you think the park has changed before and after covid?

A: “The park has become more cleaner and more aware of sanitation.”

Alina Bench is a ride operator and has to wipe down the seats after every ride now because of the safety precautions.

The park now also has hand sanitation stations throughout the park, and masks are required too. They also have a contactless thermal image screen when you enter the park where you walk into it and it takes everyones temperature before you go inside the park. The park also now makes you make a reservation to get in on a certain day. If you go onto their website, it gives you the days and also a time on when you can make your reservation. Most weekends are full already, but if you make a reservation ahead of time, the weekend should be open. Most of the rides are open like gold rush, revolution, bugs bunny world, full throttle, twisted colossus, batman, craZanity, and a bunch of others. The ride roaring rapids is closed for the season, but otherwise all of the rides are open. Six Flags hopes to stay open this summer and soon go back to normal after Covid-19 is over.

Many Rio Norte students have been going to Six Flags since it has opened. Six Flags is a good place to go have fun on rides, while getting to hang out with friends.  Calah Rounsaville, an 8th grader at Rio Norte Junior High went to Six Flags recently. She said that, “I think that Six Flags was crowded, but pretty fun because you could still do the things you normally did at Six Flags.” She said she had a really good time going on all of the rides the time she went during Covid-19. Another 8th grader named Levi Fine said he is so excited to be able to go to Six Flags soon, and enjoy all of the rides. His favorite ride there is Scream, and he can’t wait to go on it. He also likes the Six Flags Mazes in October, which will hopefully open back up this year.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is loved by all Californian Residents, and hopefully everything can go back to normal soon so everyone can enjoy this amusement park. Soon, the park will hopefully be back to full capacity, so everyone can enjoy the rides.