Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Courtesy of The New Yorker

Symone Adams

Many of you have heard that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also known as RBG, had sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer on September 18, 2020. People all over the world have been mourning her death, and some people are even terrified for a future without her.

Ruth Baber Ginsburg was born on March 15, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since she was born she has been fighting for equal rights and women equality, and she has done many more amazing things such as, overcoming sexism, graduating first in her class at Columbia University and she was even one of the founders of a Women’s Rights Project at American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In 1993, Bill Clinton (the 42nd US president) proposed that Ginsburg should be in the Supreme Court. When she became a justice she was the first ever Jewish woman to be a Supreme Court justice. One of her most impressive accomplishments was in 1969, when Ruth co-founded the first women’s rights law journal called the Women’s Rights Law Reporter. Ginsburg has many more accomplishments than this, but these ones are her most well known.

Since she has died, Donald Trump has to pick a new Supreme Court justice.  Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the nominee, however the country is waiting for the nomination to be confirmed.