Australians Stranded


Courtesy of ABC News

Ava DiNapoli

Thousands are currently stranded overseas. The majority of the people left their homes in Australia before the pandemic started. Some people left during the pandemic, but only a small quantity. They needed a valid reason to leave, which few people had. The people who did get to leave were mostly people who needed to visit a family member with a medical emergency or any other kind of important situation. After these people left their country, they cannot return. Flights going into Australia are being canceled due to the pandemic and the flights that are able to go in usually carry as little as 30 people.

Some families that are not able to get back home don’t have a lot of money. They used what they had, but over time, they had started to run out. Now, some families have been relying on credit cards to buy things which can be very different for them. Not only are they struggling with money, but they are struggling with school. Kids that need schooling have not been able to do much since some of their schools aren’t completely online. Schooling is also hard because they don’t have all their materials which could be at their home.

Trying to get back home has become incredibly difficult and very expensive. Airlines have raised the prices and are seriously limiting the number of people allowed to fly. Even when families can book a flight home, their flights are usually cancelled or the date was pushed back. People say that they have been calling airlines again and again, but still have no luck. People might have nowhere to stay and have no money. We are living in scary times, you have to admit it.