Back to School Luau


After many months of online learning, Rio Norte is starting the bright new school year with a school dance hosted by the ASB. The theme is planned to be a tropical Hawaiian luau! A luau is defined as a traditional Hawaiian celebration, involving lots of food, and lots of fun. In preparation, we interviewed 2 students, Peyton Hill (grade 8) and Christina Victorio (grade 8) along with ASB teacher Ms. Ng about what to expect with the dance.

What are you looking forward to at the dance?

As said by ASB student Christina Victorio, she is very excited for one of the first large gatherings of the school year. Like most students, she is generally just excited for an amazing way to start the year.

What will you be serving at the dance?

According to Christiana Victorio, there will be many snacks, though they are unknown to us. But, they did say that there will be drinks like Hawaiian Punch, and Otter Pops.

What kind of decorations will be at the dance?

When asked about the decorations, Peyton Hill (8th grade) from ASB says that the decorations will have fake plants along with a bunch of other luau/tropical themed decorations.

What is there to expect?

We interviewed Ms. Ng, and asked her what we will need to expect. She said that there would be great music, luau decorations, snacks and games.
Another great thing about the back to school dance is we can earn points for our houses. But most importantly a whole lot of fun!

What kind of games and activities will be at the dance?

8th grader and ASB student Peyton Hill says that there will be many fun activities at the dance including ring toss, cool coconut passer, and beach volleyball.

Is there anything else we should know about the dance?

As stated by Ms. Ng, host of the dance, students must bring their ID’s to get into the dance. Ms. Ng also recommends getting your tickets before Friday, the day of the dance. They will be $10 until Thursday, $15 on Friday, and $20 at the door!!

Students who arrived around 5:30-5:45 had to wait near the front gate, between the MPR (multi-purpose room) and the gym until the staff and students had finished getting prepared. When the time came, students rushed to the quad to let the festivities begin. Within 10 minutes of the dance there was already a Kona Ice truck with DELICIOUS shaved

Courtesy of Shae Perico


There was a lot of really good food at the dance. There were plenty of snacks that were distributed evenly throughout all the students, using the ticket system. All students who entered were given 2 tickets, which they could get 2 snacks with. Towards the end of the party, students were allowed to grab as many snacks as they liked! But the biggest piece of the party was by far the Kona Ice truck. It had only arrived 5 minutes after it had started. Immediately, a stampede for the amazing ice treat was formed. The entire time the line seemed endless, about an hour wait. But it was well worth it, the shaved ice was delicious. After the party, the Kona ice truck stayed a bit longer than anticipated. The line was suddenly only around 1 person.

Courtesy of Crystal Tung

The music was very energetic, and was definitely very interesting at times. The playlist they chose brought a very fun vibe to the party with the lively beat. The DJ though, was not so lively. Our resident DJ was a mannequin in traditional Luau attire. Most students found it creepy, some did differ, but the majority definitely ruled it to be very spooky. Some students even said they sa

w it move. But despite being very creepy,

Courtesy of Crystal Tung

she did have good taste. The music was able to get almost everyone to the dance floor towards the end, and right before the party was over, too many kids to even count were jumping around and dancing.

There were many fun and exciting games at the dance! The games were limbo, hula hoops, ring toss, beach volleyball (which was a huge hit), and rubber duck finding. An add on to all of these was that the girl and boy who won the most games were crowned King and Queen of the dance. They were Tom McMullen and Jada Rawle.

Courtesy of Crystal Tung


The dance was very fun and energetic. There was lots of music, plenty of snacks, and lots of fun to be had! There were many attendees at the dance, the crowds were crazy, and everyone seemed to be having fun. Towards the end, the party ended abruptly. After dancing, snacking, and having lots of fun, the music stopped and almost immediately everything was packed up and gone. If you missed it, don’t worry! There are plenty more dances to come in the near future.