Is Temu a Scam?

Jaedyn Conic, Staff Writer

Temu is an app that has about 11 million monthly active users. The app is the U.S. way of remaking the Chinese e-commerce app, PIndoudou Inc. Temu offers almost anything that is sold on any other buying and selling websites for half the price or even less. Most of the products offered on the Temu app are below $10. Temu offers more free items the more a user invites friends and family to their app, the more people using the app the more the app grows.

Temu was released last year and has just started to blow up in February of 2023 through the present. Temu also has a website that promotes the app. The app does not deliver very quickly, not as fast as Amazon or Amazon Prime. Temu partners up with other companies to make even more legit products that could make more people trust Temu. Although some people complain about the time it takes to deliver and the poor customer service.

Courtesy of ZDNE

Temu has passed Shein, Amazon, and Walmart, in ranking in the app store. At Rio Norte, 7th grader Matix Ogimachi, said, “I use the app to get products for much less than the original price.”Another student here at Rio who was interviewed is Dylan Leslie. He says, “Temu is really a great app for me, I am constantly texting my friends to accept my invitation so I can get some free goodies.” People could find this app sketchy because it needs personal information to ship products and prizes. Some prizes require credit card information, Temu gives out gift cards and even gives out free money.

Temu is growing fast with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. There are people who love and trust this app and there are others who want to stay away from it at all times. Many people use it if they can’t afford certain designer items and if they can get them for cheap it might make them feel better. Probably anything someone could think of buying on Amazon or other buying and selling platforms is most likely on Temu for less than $30.