Is Temu a Scam?

Matthew Casis, Staff Writer

Temu is a shopping app that allows users to get gifts if they share them with others. Temu rose to the top of the app shop, catching many students in Rio Norte’s eyes. Many students started using the app because of the free rewards and cheap products like sunglasses or rings. Some students believe Temu is a scam and think the free rewards won’t come.

The products in Temu are real so people shouldn’t be scared of buying stuff. Although the product can look different or have lower quality, the products are real. Their products are cheap, shoes for $20, rings for $3, and sunglasses for $2. If your products are damaged or missing, you can have a full refund under Temu’s Purchase Protection. According to a customer, the product they received was not damaged and their product was there.

Courtesy of Matthew Casis

People will receive the product after they purchase something. Temu will ship their product once they see an order from someone. Temu has free shipping and is fast but sometimes it takes weeks to come. People can refund within 90 days of purchase if they dislike a product or it hasn’t come.

Temu has a section for gifts and they can be earned by inviting your friends or playing their games. Gifts are products that can be obtained. Gifts allow people to get home rewards without using their credit card information. The gifts are legit and give you the product once you invite or win the game. Many people on the internet got their prizes after they shared. One person on the internet has gotten $200 of gifts from Temu. A 7th grader from Rio Norte, Finn Emrich, says, ”I got my package from the free gift games, the shipping was really fast and the quality was really good.”