Are Skittles Getting Banned?


Courtesy of Food and Wine

Chelsea Sonnenberg, Staff Writer

  In February, Jesse Gabriel, a Democratic assembly member from Woodland Hills, California, introduced  that he would ban the sale of processed foods in California because they contain certain chemicals that he claims are dangerous and toxic. Skittles have become a potential risk because of carcinogenic effects, memory loss, behavioral issues and reproductive problems. Skittles contain a bad chemical called Titanium Dioxide. Many people are surprised with the symptoms skittles cause. This candy is very popular as over 700 billion are bought each year.

Skittles aren’t the only thing California is banning as they are also thinking of banning Nerds, Hot Tamales, cake icing and Strawberry Nesquik. Any food product in the state containing red dye is being banned due to the toxic chemicals contained in the red dye. The red dye hyperactivity and other neurobehavioral effects in children. The bad chemicals in skittles can also cause an increase of lung cancers.

    Skittles have corn syrup, sugar, and hydrogenated palm kernel oil along with fruit juice \, citric acid, and natural and artificial flavors. This candy also contains titanium dioxide which is associated with cancer development after inhalation exposures. Many people are suing skittles due to what is in it.