Popular Hiking Spots in Santa Clarita

Courtesy of Caylee Mejia

Courtesy of Caylee Mejia

Caylee Mejia

Something students are able to do is hiking. Hiking is beneficial because it can improve your mental health, build stronger muscles, and it helps improve your heart rate. While hiking, it’s good to stay hydrated and it’s also good to bring snacks along. In Santa Clarita, there are a couple of hiking spots including Vasquez Rocks, Slide Mountain, Plasarita Canyon, and Towsley Canyon. A popular hiking spot in Santa Clarita is Whitney Canyon which is 2.9 miles long and has some good views. In Santa Clarita, there is a total of 23 hiking trails, 17 running trails, and 16 walking trails. Some other popular hiking spots here are Iron Horse Trailhead, Central park trailhead, and Haskell Open Space. According to theoutbound.com, it talks about the hiking trail “Hike the Towsley Canyon Loop”

“The Towsley Canyon Loop can be done in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise loop. The clockwise path starts with a gradual ascent through Wiley Canyon and steep descent into the Towsley Gorge while a counter-clockwise route starts with a steep climb out of Towsley Canyon and a gradual descent back to the parking area. I recommend the clockwise route, after parking in one of the free parking lots continue on foot up Towsley Canyon Road (passing on your left the alternate/counter-clockwise trailhead) until you reach Ed Davis Park (.6 miles). Here you will see a chain gate and an old wooden sign marking the beginning of your adventure. Go past the gate and begin following the gravel road in front of you, this is the entrance to Towsley Canyon.”

As you can see, hiking is a great thing to do over spring break and something anyone and everyone can do with the right preparation. Everything you eat, drink, exercise and where you go can affect your hiking experience.