California Man Dies From Deadly Disease

Courtesy of TODAY

Courtesy of TODAY

Kaitlyn Berg, Staff Writer


Friday, April 7th Jeff Boza died from an often deadly infection that kills the body’s soft tissue, called Necrotizing Fasciltis. Even though this disease is considered rare with only about 700 to 1,100 case per year it’s extremely deadly. Officials are now urging Californians to stay away from standing water. 

Especially, since any small cut you have on your arm or legs can get infected and result in being fatal. The wound is thought to have become infected with bacteria, which caused necrotizing fasciitis, a deadly condition that rots the body’s soft tissue. What began as a small red spot quickly progressed into swelling, blisters and puss that felt like ‘acid’ when it oozed down his arm. eventually the pain became so bad that he went to hospital, where he died two days later.

His mother is speaking up about his story to urge others to seek medical care when they have an infection and to avoid stagnant pools of water.  Especially due to the recent rain storms there’s not only more ponds/puddles but the bacteria gets stirred.